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Getting married? Are you planning to do a "First Dance"?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can we have a first dance even if we've never danced before?
    • Yes. We believe, if you can walk - you can dance. However, ample time is needed to learn.
  2. How much time is recommended to perform a successful and fun first dance?
    • At least 3 months or more before the event. However, we have helped couples with less time to prepare.
  3. Is Argentine Tango the only dance you teach?
    • Yes, Argentine Tango is the only dance we teach. However, there is so much about Tango that will take you breath away.
  4. How do we find the right music or song for our first dance?
    • Choosing music or a song should be based on how you and your significate other feel about the selection. It should be relative to the dance you choose. We can help in your selection with music from our extensive library if you're not sure about what you want.
  5. How long should the first dance and/or music be?
    • We recommend that your routine and/or music be no longer than 2 minutes. You have to dance or perform to the length of the music, herefore, there must be enough choreography or movements to satisfy the length of the music. Two minutes may not seem very long, however, when dancing in front of a crowd during this time frame, it can appear to be an eternity.
  6. What if the song we choose is longer than 2 minutes?
    • We have the ability and technology to shorten the music to a prescribed length. Of course, the quality of the cut is dependent on the song. In most cases, most people will not be able to tell where it the cut was made.
  7. What other factors should we consider in regards to our first dance?
    • The most common considerations which we will discuss and ask questions about are the venue, the dance floor, the location of the guests, the sound system, the wearing attire, and the timing for the first dance. We may find other factors for discussion when we meet you on your first appointment.
  8. After we choose our music what do we do next?
    • We start to create or choreograph specific movements to the song or music. We teach you the choreography and have you execute it as many times as needed so that you can successfully perform it. This is a process and therefore requires time to adjust and change based on your abilities in learning the choreography. The movements will be created based on your comprehension of the material.
  9. How often do we have to practice our routine?
    • We recommend that you practice as often as possible. Planning a wedding takes time and practicing the routine should be incorporated into that planning.
  10. If we've never performed in front of an audience, how do we gain that experience?
    • We want you to experience the feeling of performing in front of an audience. We provide you the opportunity to perform for one or more of our group classes.
  11. What is the cost of creating, learning and performing our first dance?
    • Weddings are expensive propositions which may require a budget. The number of lessons needed for your particular wedding is determined by how much time we have to prepare, choreograph and practice your routine. We can provide you with a better perspective on what it will take to have a completed routine when we meet.
  12. How do we get started?
    • Send us a message via our "Contact Us" link. We'll contact you regarding the information provided. You can also call us at 415-533-6876 to ask questions and schedule an appointment.