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David and Nancy's Bios

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Nancy and David Mendoza

For over 20 years!

We've had an extensive history in dancing, performing, teaching and choreographing Argentine Tango. Tango
has influenced our lives for over 20 years. Having fun
and staying young at heart are the benefits that we enjoy. Dancing extends the quality of life by providing us a means to release the stress we experience in our lives. Networking with a variety of people from all walks of life and professions is inherit to dance. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, authors, students, nurses, housewives, sales people, real estate agents, professional dancers, government workers, personal trainers, web designers, engineers have participated in our classes and events. We consider ourselves very blessed that many of them have become our friends - professionally and personally.

An invitation to join us in promoting and learning the fun art of dancing Argentine Tango is open to you. Give us a call at 415-468-9226 or click the "Contact Us"
link above if you have any questions, comments, or requests.

The Mendoza's Story

David and Nancy Mendoza

We have been dancing, performing, teaching and choreographing Argentine Tango as a husband and wife team since 1994. We consider ourselves as dedicated instructors, who devote teaching our students on how to enjoy themselves on the dance floor.

We dance a traditional style of authentic Argentine Tango called "Salon" Tango, which stresses the social and partnering aspects of the dance - spontaneity, smoothness, soft embrace and close connection - over choreography. We have received high praise for our generous teaching method, which simplifies this most sophisticated of all social dances. We consider ourselves as experts at breaking down complicated Tango patterns into simple steps, so our students can focus on feeling the music and connecting with their partners, instead of memorizing steps and counting. In group classes, we teach social dancing, reserving choreography and stage craft for private lessons.

We have performed at conventions, hotels, corporate parties, weddings, charitable functions and gala events. We have traveled the globe to teach and perform in dance festivals such as the "Tango Rosa Ball" in St. Louis and "Caminito Tango" in Italy. Performance highlights include a West Coast tour with the quartet, Tango No. 9, which culminated in a performance at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco; and a spotlight performance at "A Tribute to Tito Puente" at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco.

We teach group Argentine Tango classes at the Beresford Recreation Center in San Mateo. We conduct private lessons for Tango and choreograph "first dances" for weddings in our San Francisco dance studio. For lessons or appearances, click on the Contact Us button and send a message or call us at 415-468-9226.

Nancy Stevens Mendoza

Nancy Stevens Mendoza gave her first dance performance before she turned three years old. She learned tap and acrobatics as a youngster; studied ballet with the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; modern dance with Shawl Anderson Dance Center; Isadora Duncan dancing; Martha Graham technique; and dance teacher training at the Metronome Ballroom. She won first place in the Silver American Tango meet at the Grand Ball, a national ballroom competition. She was a principal dancer with Nora Dinzelbacher's "Argentine Tango Folk Ballet" from 1989 to 1994 and performed with Pampa Cortes' "Los Tangueros de San Francisco".

Nancy was one of the first Tangueras in the San Francisco Bay Area. After becoming enthralled by the original Broadway production of Tango Argentino, which Nancy saw while working for MTV in New York City in 1986, she began a long search for locals who could teach her authentic ARGENTINE Tango.

After suffering through countless American Ballroom Tango classes pretending to teach Argentine Tango, Nancy met the late Jose "Pepe" Fernandez, who along with his partner Madelyn Deys, presented the first authentic Tango reviews in the Bay Area. Being a radio announcer, TV performer and video producer, Nancy helped Pepe organize his shows and narrated the live performances. Through Pepe, Nancy met the fledgling San Francisco Tango community, which consisted of fewer than 20 dancers - most of them absolute beginners. The more advanced included Jorge & Rosa LeDesma (San Francisco's first Argentine teachers of Tango), Al & Barbara Garvey (Bay Area Argentine Tango Association originators), Jean and Charlie Stewart, Victor Nemeses (Mariposa Argentine Tango Club organizer), and Hector Villaba (Mansion Dandi Royal owner) and Nora & Raul Dinzelbacher, who had just arrived in San Francisco.

After Raul died in 1990, Nora decided to carry on alone. She needed an extra dancer for her first full-length performance by her troupe, the Argentine Tango Folk Ballet and was introduced to Nancy by two of the troupe's dancers. Besides performing in Nora's troupe until it disbanded circa 1995, Nancy also helped Nora with fund raising, organizing, assisting in class and doing whatever else was needed to help grow the Tango Community. For example, Nancy tended bar and otherwise helped Nora organize the Bay Area's first real Milonga at the Renaissance Ballroom in San Francisco. She has taught many local teachers their first Tango steps and was one of the original 30 dancers who founded the Bay Area Argentine Tango Association. Nancy continued her support for the Tango community by co-hosting with her husband the Belmont Milonga, the Peninsula Practica, La Milonguita del Camino Real, La Milonga de los Mendoza. They currently host the Friday Night Milonga at Boogie Woogie Ballroom in Foster City, Ca. In addition to milongas she sponsors visiting maestros and donate her time and talent to various local fund raisers. Most of all, she is dedicated to dancing with her husband and devoted to teaching her students how to enjoy themselves on the dance floor.