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Private Lessons

Why take private lessons

  • Private dance lessons enhances a student's development in Tango.

  • We develop a personalized lesson plan that addresses a student's needs based on their physical and mental attributes to reach their goals.

  • Each lesson is structured based on the student's requests. Realistic goal setting with respective actions are created to accommodate these requests.
In addition to the benefits described above, here are a few more:
Receiving one-on-one instruction has proven to be an excellent way to reach defined goals within a specified time range. A lesson plan is designed based on your skill level to help achieve your objectives more quickly.
Dance style and technique reflects a dancer's skill level. Adjustments are made to sharpen technique which in turn improves the dancing style. Dance style improvement helps in developing movements and patterns to the next level.
Sharing our knowledge is key in understanding and learning to dance. We provide different perspectives which help bring down barriers that impair progress. You learn how to access new pathways that assist in learning movements and patterns that may have previously been difficult to understand.
Our combined years of experience in teaching, performing, choreographing, and dancing inspires us to create various methodologies that influence the learning process. Having fun is the main methodology that we incorporate into our instruction which allows achieving goals more enjoyable and less stressful.
Group classes and workshops are difficult learning environments for some people. Attention is rendered to the group and not necessarily to the individual. We often have students supplement their group classes with private lessons to address specific areas which gives them trouble in the group classes. The one-to-one instruction provided in the private lessons assists in overcoming the difficulties faced in group classes.

People interested in learning a dance routine for their first wedding dance receive detailed instruction in technique, movement, musicality and other issues involved with weddings. A detailed choreography is laid out based on how much time there is before the wedding and the couple's skill level. Experience in performing before a group of spectators is crucial to a successful performance. An opportunity is provided for wedding couples to perform their routines for our students in our various group classes.
Major credit cards, local personal checks and cash are accepted.
Online purchases are done with PayPal.
  • Lessons are purchased and taught at an hourly rate.
  • Scheduled appointments are required.
  • Schedule an appointment by calling 415-468-9226 or contact us via our CONTACT US link.
  • All lessons are taught in our San Francisco home studio located in the Candlestick Park area.
  • Lessons taught outside our SF studio will incur additional travel and floor rental fees.
  • The purchaser is responsible for all arrangements and payments for outside studio usage in addition to our hourly rate and travel fees.
  • We will accept up to 2 couples at a time (leader/follower only) per lesson.
  • Lessons are NOT transferrable except with a gift certificate.
  • Gift certificates are issued only at the time of purchase.
  • The lessons expire 90 days after the purchase date.
  • A 25% service charge is deducted from all refunds requested before the expiration date.
  • No refunds are issued after the expiration date.
  • Terms and conditions and pricing are subject to change.
  • Agreement of our terms and conditions must be acknowledged before lessons begin.
  • When you purchase online, we will contact you via email to discuss scheduling.
  • Hourly rate per lesson is determined by the number of lessons purchased.
Private Lessons $80/hr
Gift Certificate?

1 to 3 lessons

Private Lessons $70/hr
Gift Certificate?

4 to 6 lessons

Private Lessons $60/hr
Gift Certificate?

7 to 9 lessons

Private Lessons $50/hr
Gift Certificate?

10 lessons